ADALTEC TECHNOLOGIES INC represents manufacturer of Self Elevating Platforms, tug boats, vessels and hydraulic drills for mineral and oil exploration, water well drilling, geothermal wells, foundations and other construction and mining applications. In addition our Maxidrill drilling series have the following drilling techniques: Reverse circulation, DTH hammer, Diamond core, Rotary, Auger, Top hammer and more.

Our custom made adal 450, adal 620,adal800, adal1200 series represents low cost and inexpensive drilling water equipments which afford our customers the opportunity to enjoy affordable drinking water without the expense of hiring a drilling company. The adal620, 800 and 1200 are all commercial and industrial units which many drilling companies may utilize.

The Self Elevating Platforms / Jack-up barges consist of a wide range standard and modular Self Elevating Platforms for sale and rental. The rental fleet consists of various sizes Platforms able to operate in water depths up to 147 feet and to carry deck loads up to 2250 Tons.

Our modular Jack-up barges are built of units with the size of ISO freight containers and are easy and cheap to move world-wide. The modular units are transportable by rail, road or ship. Inland, lakes and rivers, can easily by reached. Any container vessel can transport them.

For the transport of our larger standard Jack-up barges we have developed a sophisticated transport system that brings down the transport cost of a platform by 50%. Our rental fleet consists of well maintained equipment. All our barges bear a "Class Certificate".

Our Self Elevating Platforms are built for the construction industry and are equipped in such a way, that contractors can start-up a project with a minimum of cost and mobilization effort.

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